How to Measure your Piano:

Grand Pianos:

Grand pianos are measured by their overall length (all grand pianos are approximately the same height and width, so you only need to measure length). Close the lid of the piano completely when measuring, and measure from the center of the tail (back) to the front of the piano keys. You want to get the longest measurement of your grand piano.

how to measure a grand piano

The sizes as well as the terms used to categorize the sizes of pianos varies from manufacturer to manufacturer, but here is a commonly used list for grand pianos :

4'8" to 5'1" - Baby Grand

5'2" to 5'7" - Parlor Grand

5'8" to 6'7" - Professional Grand

6'8" to 8'6" - Recital Hall Grand

8'7" to 9'2" - Concert Grand

Upright Pianos:

Upright (or vertical pianos) are measured by their overall height, from the floor to the very top of the lid. Measurements for vertical pianos are given in inches only (no feet).

Unlike grand pianos, which are all very similar in height and width and only need to be measured for length, upright pianos can differ in size significantly from one model to the next. To get a good fitting cover, you will need to take 6 different measurements of your piano. We have included a diagram below to help you out. On the upright piano ordering page, you will notice a box to fill in each of the measurements below.

the different places to measure an upright piano

how to measure an upright piano