Piano Cover Material Options:

Black Vinyl Brown Vinyl White Vinyl Tan Vinyl Burgundy Vinyl
Black Mackintosh Black Quilt Black Premium Quilt Brown Premium Quilt
Heavy Quilted Black Mackintosh Heavy Quilted Brown Mackintosh

1). Vinyl:

A heavy leatherette, bonded to a soft flannel backing. It is water repellent. We use a thick, furniture-grade quality vinyl, not apaper-thin vinyl that looks like plastic, as you will find in many of the inexpensive covers.

Ideal for: environments where liquids may endanger the piano such as church halls, multi-purpose room, banquet halls, restaurants, etc. Anything spilled on vinyl can be easily cleaned. Vinyl will not absorb (within reason) and will not stain. Vinyl can be dusted easily, wiped with a damp cloth, or vacuumed.

grand piano cover black vinyl

For a picture of a piano with a vinyl cover, click: Vinyl Grand Piano Cover

2). Mackintosh:

Mackintosh is a tight weaved material, known as a "waterproof drill cloth" bonded to the soft lining. Mackintosh is an attractive and popular fabric, as it has a softer and warmer look to it that vinyl. It is not prone to snagging (for those of you with cats who like to jump up on the piano).

Exceptionally tough and durable and well suited for use in schools, churches, theaters and studios. Mackintosh is thicker than Vinyl, and offers more protection from bumps and scratches.

For those looking for a non-quilted piano cover, this is our most popular non-quilted selling material.

black mackintosh piano cover

piano cover black mackintosh with side slits

3). Quilted (Standard):

Combines a black nylon face material with an inner material of white poly cotton flannel. Thickness: 3/8", with a 4" quilting pattern. Quilted covers provide the ultimate dust and scratch protection plus padding from mild blows to the instrument.

An additional benefit of a quilted cover is that it can be used to help reduce sound. With the slits in the cover, you can flip the front part of the cover over, and still play the piano. For those in apartments and where noise can be a concern, a quilted cover can be a great way to help reduce the sound.

4). Premium Quilt:

Our most popular material. Combines a premium grade black nylon with a 100% cotton flannel backing. The material is water repellent, and 1/2" thick. Quilting pattern is 4". If there is a chance of spilling liquid, you would want the premium quilted material, as opposed to the standard quilted listed above. This premium material will not soak up water spills as easy as the thinner standard nylon.

Our most popular selling material, the premium quilted piano cover is extremely attractive and luxurious, adding ellegance to the room. It is also the best in terms of preventing physical damage to the piano, as compared to a vinyl or non-quilted mackintosh cover.

The premium quilt "breathes" more than the other materials, and thus does not trap heat like the other covers (which will cause your piano to go out of tune faster). This is the ideal option for those in warm climates, or if your piano is exposed to direct sunlight.

black quilted steinway grand piano cover

Reverse Side of Quilted Cover (cotton flannel backing):

5). Mackintosh -- Heavy Quilted

An extremely rugged but attractive cover that is made with heavy mackintosh on the outside, and a soft cotton material on the inside. Mackintosh is a tight weaved material, known as a "waterproof drill cloth" bonded to the soft lining. It is not prone to snagging, and thus is the option we recommend for cats or high traffic areas. Quilted pattern is 4". The ultimate in protection from physical damage, this material option offers the most padding of all materials. It is also the best material if you're looking for sound dampening.

Ideal for: universities, schools, churches, areas of high people traffic, frequent piano movement and piano storage.

piano cover quitled black mackintosh