Quality Piano Covers - Why Buy American Made:

There are a number of grand piano cover choices available on the market today. Sources range from cheap foreign imports, to home home tapestry businesses looking to make a few extra dollars. If you want a quality cover however, it is important to buy from an American company, who has years of experience, and specializes in making piano covers. With hundreds of templates, and a thorough knwoledge of piano design, our suppliers will make the best cover for your piano and its location. Simply put, the best piano covers are made in the United States, and are the only product you should cover your piano with.

Quality Material: The key to an attractive and durable piano cover

The quality of fabric is the key to a cover's durability, as well as its elegance. For instance, cut-rate imported vinyl covers do exist, but the vinyl is very thin and of poor quality. It will crack quickly, and it offers limited protection to your instrument. Furthermore, these covers look cheap (everyone knows what a cheap vinyl looks like--too shiny and almost plastic-like in appearance). The covers on this site all use high quality, furniture grade vinyl.


One of the many problems with imports, and places that do not specialize in piano covers, is that there is no room for customization (especially if it comes to the US pre-packaged). Using actual US manufacturers allows us to make a product specifically for you. Whether it be size, material or color choice, or an addition such as locking straps, embroidered piano logo, or a full length cover, we can work with you.

We Specialize in Piano Covers!

There is still soemthing to be said for companies that manufacture in the United States. Unlike imports, we are not just part of an assembly line cranking out numerous products. Our companies specialize specifically in producing covers for grand and upright pianos, and take pride in their work and their relationship with the piano community.