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Our Steinway grand piano covers are custom made in the US, and are availible in a vinyl, quilted, mackintosh, or supreme material. With templates for all Steinway grand pianos, we will make a perfect fitting cover for you--simply select your size of Steinway from the drop down menu, and choose from our wide number of style and material options.

We use the highest quality materails and craftsmanship, taking pride in our product with years of experience, and building a durable and attractive piano cover. Don't get fooled by the cheaply made piano covers out there, which are too thin, and crack and rip easy. A Steinway deserves the ultimate in protection, and furthermore the ultimate in style. As with all furniture, outside of design, the quality of materials is what gives the product an elegant and professional look. That is why it is so important to go with an American manufacturer who uses quality fabric--a cheap vinyl cover is going to look cheap.

steinway grand piano cover black quilted

For the ultimate in luxury, we recommend considering custom embroidery for your piano cover. For a small fee, we can add the Steinway piano logo to either the front where the keys are or side (above the leg on the side board, as shown above) of your cover. A great way to highlight your beautiful instrument, even when it's covered.

steinway piano cover with gold logo

Steinway Grand Piano Models and Sizes:

  • Steinway Model S: 5'1"
  • Steinway Model M: 5'7"
  • Steinway Model L: 5'10-1/2" (Square Tail)
  • Steinway Model O: 5'10-1/2" (Round Tail)
  • Steinway Model A (Round End): 6'1-1/2"
  • Steinway Model A (Square End): 6'1-1/2"
  • Steinway Model A (Modern): 6'2"
  • Steinway Model A: 6'4-1/2"
  • Steinway Model B: 6'11"
  • Steinway Model C: 7'5"
  • Steinway Model D: 8'11-3/4"

Want help deciding between material choices? Click grand piano cover materials for a detailed description of each fabric choice.

Black Vinyl Brown Vinyl White Vinyl Tan Vinyl Burgundy Vinyl
Black Mackintosh Black Quilt Black Premium Quilt Brown Premium Quilt
Heavy Quilted Black Mackintosh Heavy Quilted Brown Mackintosh

Locking straps ensure that the cover will stay in place and will act as a preventative barrier to people wanting to remove the cover to play with the piano. Many schools, churches and hotels add the locking straps to their order to be sure their piano is kept safe and secure.

Side slits are designed to allow you to play the piano without having to take the entire cover off. Side Slits are put on each side of the piano, above the front legs. This allows the pianist to simply flip the front part of the cover back to play the piano, without having to completely remove the entire cover.

Shipping on all grand piano covers is free to the continental United States. Alaska, Hawaii and international customers, please email us for a shipping quote. Shipping to Canada is $35.00 per cover. Select option at checkout.

black quilted steinway grand piano cover

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